BOSS Bottled and BOSS Bottled Collector's Edition

BOSS Bottled by Hugo Boss was launched in 1998, and it's still a very popular fragrance. So popular in fact that, they have recently launched a collector's edition of the fragrance encased in a velvet Black bottle. 

The fragrance notes of BOSS Bottled are quite interesting; apple, grapefruit and mint form the top notes whilst geranium, jasmine and patchouli altogether compose the heart notes, which then settle into a set of sensual of woody base notes. 

Overall it's a very sexy, refreshing fragrance that's Autumn in a bottle because of the warm lingering aura of cinnamon, apples and vanilla. The fragrance starts off as subtle and fruity and then dries down to a creamy woody scent with hints of vanilla. At the same time however, I do find that the fragrance has a little bit of an aquatic hint to it, which makes it great if your man is a fan of fresh fragrances. 

BOSS Bottled is aimed to radiate self-confidence and personal success. From smelling the fragrance, it's definitely a modern scent that portrays power, and proves that you don't need to wear a strong spicy fragrance to feel powerful and successful. BOSS Bottled is a soft, sweet smelling fragrance that's masculine at the same time. It would make a fantastic Christmas present for any man in your life! 

BOSS Bottled was originally captured in a clear bottle with the fragrance juice being green, whilst the Collectors Edition is a black bottle with a velvet touch to it- great for any BOSS fan! 

BOSS Bottled Collector's Edition is priced at £54.50 for 100ml and can be purchased from The Perfume Shop.


  1. I love the new bottle. This is my dad's favourite perfume so I might have to get the collectors bottle for him for xmas :D

  2. Sounds like a nice fragrance! The smell of apple in a man's fragrance is very intriguing indeed x

  3. My boyfriend LOVES Boss bottled! The black bottle looks better than the original I must say!


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