Angel by Thierry Mugler fragrance review

Thierry Mugler took the world by storm when the highly popular Angel scent was launched in 1992-so it's just as old as I am :). Apparently, Angel is the most popular Christmas scent at The Perfume Shop- who knew?! 

Angel is perhaps one of the most interesting fragrances I've ever come across. I mean, look how bizarre the fragrance notes are! There's loads of them! 

Top Notes: Melon, Coconut, Mandarin Orange, Cassia, Jasmine, Bergamot, and Cotton Candy
Heart Notes: Honey, Apricot, Blackberry, Plum, Orchid, Peach, Jasmine, Lily-of-the-Valley, Red Berries, and Rose 
Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Amber, Patchouli, Musk, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, and Caramel. 

I'm actually amazed at how they managed to pull it off and end up with a fragrance that works well and is an all-time favourite. 

Obviously, Angel is a very unique scent- no wonder it's so popular. It's a sparkling fragrance that's sweet but at the same time spicy, and despite the plethora of fragrance notes, the notes of patchouli, musk and chocolate are the most dominant to me. I can also get a hint of coconut and sometimes plum. I admit that it's not a fragrance for everyone but it is certainly addictive. It's bold and intruding and probably one of the most talked about fragrances. 

The shooting star bottle is simply stunning and what screams 'Christmas' more than a dazzling star bottle? It looks elegant, and I love how the juice is blue and that nozzle is fitted at the top of the star. It makes the perfect Christmas gift. 

Word of warning though: Angel is quite a strong scent so if you overspray, it will become overpowering and that just ruins everything about a fragrance. So my tip would be that less is more with this scent. Just one or two sprays of it will do, any more and you may- as they say- "offend" someone with the scent. However, a strong fragrance always has great longevity so those few sprays will last around a day. 

What do you think? Are you an Angel fan? 



  1. Wow the fragrance ingredients definately sounds crazy. Angel's not really for me personally but I do like Alien x

  2. I've never actually tried this one but it sure does sound interesting. The bottle looks lovely too!

  3. I've never actually tried this one but it sure does sound interesting. The bottle looks lovely too!


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