Rebelle by Rihanna fragrance review!

Rihanna creates the most amazing fragrances, and she's well known in the fragrance market for throwing in the most interesting notes into these fragrances.

Rebelle was Rihanna's second fragrance, and was launched sometime after the huge success of her debut, Reb'l Fleur. It is a very exotic fragrance that is inspired by her Barbadian roots.

As soon as Rebelle is sprayed, the aromatic, fruity scent of strawberries and purple plums and subtle ginger refreshes your senses. Then the fragrance begins to develop into the heart of the fragrance, composed of vanilla orchid and cocoa, which then forms a creamy dry down of musk, coffee, amber, and patchouli.

Rebelle is a gorgeous, sensual fragrance that I've recently become very fond of, and I'm actually kicking myself over the fact that I've never actually tried it before, despite it being available for over two years! If you liked Reb'l Fleur, you'll definitely like Rebelle too as the fruitiness and exoticness of both bares similarities to each other. 

My favourite notes are definitely the cocoa, coffee, vanilla orchid, and of course- the fruity top notes, which I think is very addictive and makes the fragrance overall, an exotic one. An addictive combination of top notes always does well in my opinion. I can also smell a hint of coconut in the fragrance too, which I think is lovely and goes down incredibly well alongside the vanilla note.

The sleek bottle of Rebelle looks very Parisian, and is supposed to represent Rihanna's love for the stiletto heel (hence the fact that's it tall). The red and gold theme of the bottle represents Rihanna's sexiness and confidence, and I think it makes the bottle look very appealing.

What do you think? Have you tried any fragrances by Rihanna before? 


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  1. Sounds like my kind of fragrance :) I haven't tried this before but love nude by rihanna xo


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