Pure Honey by Kim Kardashian review

Much to the excitement of Kardashian fans all over the world, Kim Kardashian launched her fifth fragrance earlier this year, called 'Pure Honey'. 

I was very intrigued as to what the fragrance would smell like, because: 1) It's a honey fragrance, and 2) This is the first fragrance from Kim Kardashian that's not in with the whole 'party' theme. 

Pure Honey is a surprisingly unique, sweet floral fragrance that reminds me of when I was a child and was obsessed with finding honeysuckle in my school playground. So to me, the scent has nostalgic qualities to it. 

The fragrance is composed of a selection of floral top notes including: red rose, soft freesia and bright mandarin flowers; heart notes of honeysuckle and lady orchid; and vanilla, musk, and creamy coconut forming the base, leaving a musky dry down on the skin. It is quite 'boozy' for the first 10 seconds so try not to give it a sniff straight away after spraying, unless you want to sting your nose (Geddit? Bumblebee?). 

The scent of sweetened honey is definitely there so the name of 'Pure Honey' is true to itself, and I do like the coconut note that comes through at times. Although, I'm not getting a sense of the vanilla note that's apparently also included but maybe that's just me? Additionally, I have to admit- the longevity of the fragrance isn't too great, but longevity has never been an issue for me so that's not really a flaw in my opinion. 

The bottle of Pure Honey is in the same shape as Kim Kardashian's True Reflection fragrance but the 'juice' itself is a beautiful deep golden orange colour. It looks elegant and inviting. I love the little 3D bumblebee on the bottle too! It adds a lovely touch to the design, and it's just difficult not to admire. 

Pure Honey by Kim Kardashian is available to purchase from Debenhams, and retails at: £40 for 100ml, £30 for 50ml, and £24 for 30ml. 

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  1. I've actually tried this!!! It's nice for an afternoon stroll very sweet scent <3
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