BOSS Ma Vie Pour Femme review

I love both BOSS Nuit and Jour fragrances. The fruity, sensual fragrance of Nuit is an absolute favourite of mine; for me, it's a fragrance staple and I wear it all the time during the autumn/winter season! So I was very ecstatic when I was told that BOSS is launching another fragrance this summer called 'Ma Vie'. 

As expected, Ma Vie bares similarities to its sister fragrances Nuit and Jour. All three of them are fresh, feminine scents that sit comfortably in the floral/fruity fragrance category, albeit Ma Vie leans over more towards the floral side.

Ma Vie is composed of Cactus Blossom as its top notes, with Pink Floral Bouquet and Rose Buds forming the heart, and finishes off with Cedarwood as the base. Throughout the fragrance's journey, the Rose Bud and Cedarwood notes come through as the most dominant, although the rose scent isn't all heavy or overwhelming. It's altogether a very light fragrance that isn't offending, so it's definitely appropriate to wear during the day, and for the Summer season. 

“The BOSS woman is about success and powerful femininity and those are the qualities that I see very much in Gwyneth Paltrow. The concept behind BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme is about confidence in a woman, and I thought Gwyneth Paltrow embodies the role perfectly.” Jason Wu, Artistic Director BOSS Womenswear

Capturing femininity, modernity, and confidence, Ma Vie is encased in a lovely pastel pink bottle and is the same Nuit/Jour 'skyscraper' bottle with a multi-faceted clear top, so it definitely looks the part for the Summer season. The 75ml is rather large, but the 30ml looks so cute and is perfect for on-the-go!

Gwyneth Paltrow is again, the face of Ma Vie and looks stunning [as usual], in the advertising campaign. Although as imagined, she isn't wearing a pink dress that matches the pink bottle, and is instead photographed in black and white, wearing a suit- signifying the modernity of the fragrance. 

BOSS Ma Vie Pour Femme launches July 23rd, and will be available to purchase at The Perfume Shop. Although, it is currently available at World Duty Free, or you can pre-order the fragrance now from The Perfume Shop. 

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  1. Sounds lovely!!! I love Nuit too. I havent tried jour but I will definitely try Ma vie :) Thankyou for the review


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