Pixie Lott for Batiste dry shampoo

Pixie Lott was recently announced as the first ever celebrity ambassador for Batiste- dry shampoo royalty! As an ambassador, Pixie Lott launched her own fragranced dry shampoo for Batiste, who are well known for their extensive range of fragranced dry shampoos.

Pixie Lott's dry shampoo is 'Fun and Floral' and is, in my opinion, my favourite dry shampoo from the brand so far! The fragrance is nice and refreshing, and isn't as overwhelming as some of the scents of other dry shampoos I have tried. It's packaged in a swirly designed blue and green bottle, and shows off Pixie herself as the brand's ambassador, which adds a quirky touch. 

Dry shampoo is a beauty staple for most women, it's a convenient product that saves a lot of time in our busy lives. Batiste has helped women to get rid of excess oil from their hair, add a bit of oomph, and revitalise it between washes for many years now. The best way to use dry shampoo is to spray it into the roots and massage the hair with your fingers, and not spray it too close as it may cause flaking. 

I find the collaboration between Pixie Lott and Batiste pretty cool as she simply just seems right for the brand. She seems like such a sweetheart and that really goes down well with a reliable, trustworthy brand that is Batiste.

Pixie Lott for Batiste's Dry Shampoo retails at £2.99 from Boots.

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  1. Really want to try this I'm a huge fan of Batiste :) I've tried almost every scent so I guess it seems right to give this one a spray :) x


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