Protein World | Chocolate Slender Blend review

My review of the Vanilla Slender Blend was incredibly popular and I received lots of e-mails to review the Chocolate flavour one, so voila!

So, a little bit about my Protein World journey so far: I try to have 2 protein shakes a day so my overall protein intake averages at about 100g as I eat meals high in protein too. I've been using Slender Blend alongside an exercise regime for just over a month now, and in the first week I lost 2lbs. I plateaued for a bit after the first week, but that's understandable considering the first week's results and the high-protein diet. So far, I've lost 8.5lbs in 7 weeks which doesn't sound like much when compared to the results of Protein World fans on Twitter- but I've just been using Slender Blend and not the capsules. Also, I've noticed more fat reduction on my waist and thighs which is amazing.

Although the Vanilla flavour is probably a lot more versatile, the chocolate flavour Slender Blend isn't as limited as you may think; I've made chocolate hazelnut shakes, and mocha shakes too. Protein World offer some great recipes too- they recently wrote up a recipe for Protein Chocolate Mousse so I'm definitely going to try and make that. 

The powder is super fine so it's very easy to mix together a shake using the shaker without having to worry about lumps. As I suggested in my previous review, if you're in a rush or don't fancy a smoothie, you can mix 40g of Slender Blend with 400ml of milk or water. If you're on a low-calorie diet, I'd consider mixing it with water but the chocolate Slender Blend does taste better with milk. It doesn't taste as nice mixed in water as the vanilla one flavour does. It tastes okay with water, but it's a bit weird at first. I thought it'd taste just like a rich chocolate milkshake, but it doesn't. Despite this, it does taste nice- it's just that it's not as flavoursome as you're average chocolate milkshake.

However, the shakes made with chocolate Slender Blend as well as other ingredients taste amazing! Particularly the Chocolate Hazelnut Shake, a recipe offered by Protein World which I made on the weekend. I must warn you however, that the powder in the tub smells a bit funny (kind of earth-like), even with the lid on. So I'd advise you to store it well. This was never the case with the Vanilla flavour, but oh well. 

Protein World now also offer its customers useful guides on weight loss and protein, and includes advice on what foods you should avoid, and ideas for protein based meals, and recipes for protein shakes. I find them to be very handy, and it's great to have a read of them as you begin your Protein World journey so you can get the most of out of it.

I also recommend that you follow @ProteinWorld on Twitter as it's like a little online community where so many people post about their results and advice and helpful nutrition tips are shared. Celebrities including Luisa Zissman and Mark Wright have also been involved by sharing their Protein World journey and their results.

Another thing I'd like to say about Protein World is that their delivery time is super fast, which is helpful for customers to get started on their fitness and healthy eating regimes sooner rather than later, which is of course, important. Especially in my personal experience.

Any questions, give me a shout! 



  1. I'm all for getting more protein (vegan life lol) and I've discovered a great way to do so with 100% natural/organic Maca Powder. It's got loads of protein, fibre, and helps with hormonal imbalances, too! Probably not as tasty as the chocolate protein powder you've got, but I'd say it's worth a shot (makes yogurt/oatmeal/lattes have a bit more malty of a taste).
    ~ Samantha

  2. I'm all for getting more protein (vegan life! lol) and I've found a great way to do so with 100% organic/natural Maca Powder. It's full of protein, fibre, and as it's an herb of a certain type it can even help out with hormonal imbalances. I love it! If you add it to oatmeal/lattes/yogurt it gives it a yummy malty taste. So maybe it's not as yummy as the chocolate powder, but I love that it's totally organic :)
    ~ Samantha

  3. Irene Wise21:38

    Congrats on your weight loss. I'm definitely going to give this a go

  4. Anonymous22:57

    I had a question my friend vegan can she use the product ?


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