Britney Spears Fantasy Remixes: Naughty and Nice, and Britney dance workshops!

I have forever been a fan of Britney and her fragrances [Curious was my first ever fragrance when I was 15 and I absolutely loved it]. 

Since then, I've loved every fragrance that Britney's thrown into the beauty world; from her Fantasy to her Radiance fragrances, you name it- I've owned every single one of them at some point in my life!

Fantasy is Britney's best-selling fragrance and she has tried to launch something in theme with the original Fantasy fragrance, for example Fantasy Twist and the Fantasy anniversary bottle. These did really well but the fragrance was still the same and it was obvious that fans wanted something a little different. So it's great that Britney has played around with the fragrance itself, and has come up with 2 different interpretations of the best-selling fragrance. 

The two Fantasy remixes are called 'Fantasy Naughty Remix' and 'Fantasy Nice Remix'. One being a deeper version of the original, and the other being a lighter, fresher one. I'm not actually sure which one I prefer but I am leaning towards the richer one, as it bares similarities to Midnight Fantasy [my ultimate Britney fave!]

The 'Naughty' remix has the original Fantasy fragrance dominated by the rich notes of sensual woods  and creamy musks whilst the 'Nice' remix is a toned down version of the original with fresh notes of exotic kiwi and jasmine petals. 

Both remixes are captured in a tall, curvaceous bottle. Although I'm not sure why Britney didn't opt for the signature Fantasy bottles, I'm actually liking these new bottles. The cap embellishment and the round bottle top remains true to the original Fantasy.

Britney Naughty Vs. Nice Dance Workshop! 

To celebrate the launch of the Fantasy Remixes, FRAME in Queen's Park are holding a 2 hour Britney dance workshop where Joelle [who has helped to choreographed some of Britney's and Lady Gaga's performances] will teach you a dance to a 'Nice' Britney song and a 'Naughty' Britney song. Tickets cost £25 and you get to take one of the fragrances home! Click to BOOK here. 

Courtesy of Elizabeth Arden, I popped along to the dance workshop that took place in Shoreditch on Saturday and I loved it! If you feel that 2 hours for a dance workshop may be a bit too much, it's not honestly! The time flew by pretty quickly! We warmed up with a quick dance to 'Womanizer' and then learnt a 'Nice' dance to 'Overprotected', and a 'Naughty' dance to 'I'm a Slave 4 U'.

Elizabeth Arden sent me a really cool pack with the new Fantasy Remixes, some fab dance sweatbands, 'Naughty' and 'Nice' M&M's, and Britney's latest album! Obviously I wore the dance bands to the workshop!

I liked both dances but I preferred the 'Nice' one as it was more street and fast-paced whereas the 'Naughty' one was more sultry. Joelle is an amazing dance instructor [and so funny- I had a lovely little chat with him afterwards!], and he doesn't allow anyone to be left out so he tries to involve everyone by splitting the class into 4 and having a dance off after learning the dance, which was fun.

I dance a lot but even I found some of the moves quite challenging so I learnt a lot from the workshop, and watching the music video for 'I'm a Slave 4 U' at home that evening gave me that surreal feeling that I knew the moves of Britney! It also doesn't matter if you feel that your dancing skills aren't up to scratch as the workshop is suitable for all levels and it's just a bit of fun! Here's a quick video of one of the group 'Naughty' dances:

If you're a lover of Britney and dance, have a go at the workshop! I promise you'll have lots of fun! 

Click here to BOOK your spot for the Britney dance workshop at Frame in Queen's Park 

The Fantasy Remixes retail at £23 for 30ml, £29.50 for 50ml, and £40.00 for 100ml and can be purchased from The Perfume Shop. 


  1. I love Fantasy! Sounds like you had lots of fun and the nails/bands look great!!

  2. Amazing! I want to go!


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