'Rose Quartz' by Alesha Dixon fragrance review!

A couple of months ago, I attended Alesha Dixon's fragrance launch where she unveiled her debut fragance, 'Rose Quartz' [which launches this week]. It is the first fragrance in Alesha's Crystal fragrance collection.

Alesha has already made her mark in the beauty world; she's the Ambassador for Avon and the face of Impulse's Sweet Smile fragrance, so it was imperative for her to launch her very own fragrance! 

Rose Quartz is a nice floral musk fragrance which starts off with a burst of fruity top notes of Bergamot and Grapefruit; floral heart notes of Rose, Magnolia, and Geranium; and base notes of Amber, Patchouli, Vetivert, Cedar, and Musk. It starts off as a sweet fragrance, which then develops into a floral musk fragrance. 

Alesha is such a lovely person and incredibly down-to-earth, and this personality is certainly reflected in Rose Quartz. Obviously, the rose notes come through the most but it is entwined with the fragrance's musky base notes as the fragrance continues to develop. 

The fragrance is captured in a multi-faceted, pink ombre bottle and is supposed to represent a crystal. I love the ombre effect. The bottle also has 'Rose Quartz' and 'Alesha' engraved on the silver cap below the bottle-top. 

Alesha told me that the fragrance had been ready for quite some time but she had to put the launch on hold due to her pregnancy. It's great that she's launching it now as Britain's Got Talent is starting soon too. 

Rose Quartz retails at £25 for a 100ml bottle. £25! That's brilliant! At the launch, Alesha explained that the reason she opted for such an affordable price tag, was because she wanted her fans to freely wear her fragrance as she understands that many people are scared of actually spraying perfume due to its expensive value. I find this so true and it is clear that Alesha has put a lot of thought into Rose Quartz! 

As Rose Quartz is the first fragrance in Alesha's Crystal fragrance collection, I'm looking forward as to what else she has in store for us! 

Rose Quartz by Alesha Dixon launches on 8th March, will retail at £25 for 100ml, and will be able to purchase from The Fragrance Shop. You can pre-order from their website before the launch date if you wish. 


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