Barry M Aquarium Nail Paints!

I've recently been loving these Aquarium nail paints that were recently launched by Barry M so I thought I'd post a few photos of some swatches. Barry M are always bang on-trend with their nail products, and are constantly launching a variety of 'effects' and coloured nail polishes. I'm a big fan of their Gelly range!

The Aquarium collection consists of six shades split into two colour categories [one being blue/green, and the other being gold/pink]. My fave are the blue shades because they're so mermaid-like and pretty! Click 'Read More' for enlarged photos!
[A gorgeous, shiny aquatic blue] I love that Pacific is holographic and shiny. It's a great colour for the summer! I felt like I was wearing nail wraps as the colour was so shiny. 

[A lizard green colour that changes when in the reflection of the light] I find Arabian to be more of an autumn/winter shade but it is lovely! It reminds me a little of OPI Lizard shade from the Spiderman collection a couple of years ago! 

Mermaid [on top of Pacific
[A beautiful, beautiful glitter shade made up of pieces of shimmering blue, green, and gold!] Mermaid can be used as either a top-coat or on it's own. I'd personally prefer to use it as a top coat though. I found this shade slightly gloopy because of the glitter, but that's just my opinion.

Barry M Aquarium Nail Paints retail at £3.99 and can be purchased from Boots and Superdrug. 

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  1. They look super pretty, need to buy some just cam across your blog! Nice :)

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