Zaggora Atomica HotPants!

Throughout the month of January, Zaggora offered customers 30% off its items. I've been wanting Zaggora HotPants for ages ever since I began my fitness regime over a year ago, but the expensive price tag for a pair didn't really seem justifiable to me at the time. So obviously I jumped at the chance of buying the pants at 30% off to see if they'd work as I'd read so many positive reviews on them.

Grainy Photo :/ - I was so keen to try on my 
HotPants that I  took a photo 
with the label on!
Zaggora HotPants use special fabric technology to boost calorie burn by upping your body temperature at an appropriate level, and increasing energy expenditure during exercise by up to 11%.

My HotPants arrived a few days after I ordered them online, and I wore them straight away that day to the gym. At first I thought they were slightly thick but they were so flattering when I wore them that I didn't care and now I'm pretty much used to them. My Atomica HotPants are incredibly comfortable, and came with a black/grey waistband which I love!

I can honestly say that the HotPants intensifies my workout by making me feel warmer and sweatier [but not to the extent where I'd want to stop my workout]. When I first worked out in these pants, I did 20 minutes on the crossover, 30 minutes on the cross-trainer and then 15 minutes on the recline bike. As soon as I got off the recline bike, I could feel the sweat dripping down my legs which
                                                                    felt weird but strange.

After taking off the HotPants, my legs felt quite sweaty but in a good way as my skin felt so smooth- apparently Zaggora helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite too. It also feels good when taking off the HotPants after a workout because the sweat on your legs tells you how hard you've worked. The best thing about the HotPants is that its special fabric technology doesn't allow the sweat to seep through the pants so no can see you're sweating through your legs!

Since purchasing, I have worn my Zaggora pants almost everyday [I had an issue with the aesthetic side of one of the seams on my HotPants at first, but Zaggora were more than happy to replace them very quickly, and with no fuss- which was great!]. I wear the pants whilst walking, doing cardio in the gym, and even during strength-training. 

After losing 53lbs in just over a year with a few small plateaus occasionally, I recently plateaued for a dreadful 2 months; but wearing the Zaggora HotPants helped me to beat this plateau, and I have lost another 4.5lbs in less than 2 weeks, so the Zaggora HotPants helped me out a lot! Because of these good results, I will defo be trying out the Zaggora HotTops and the Coola Bra! And I'm quite excited as to what results they'll bring. I honestly never thought that wearing a pair of trousers would help anyone to shed the pounds as well as keep the skin constantly smooth. I strongly recommend these HotPants!

Zaggora Atomica HotPants [Image taken
Zaggora's Atomica HotPants retail at £65 and can be purchased at



  1. Wow what amazing results!! I've heard of these pants before but i'm going to look into them properly now. Thanks for sharing x

  2. Congratulations on your weight loss!


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