Rose Quartz fragrance by Alesha Dixon!

I popped along to St Martins Lane Hotel a couple of weeks ago to have a peek of Alesha Dixon's upcoming fragrance, Rose Quartz. I was incredibly excited to hear the news that Alesha was following the footsteps of many other celebs and was to be launching her first ever fragrance, which launches in March. 
Rose Quartz by Alesha Dixon
Prior to this fragrance launch, I had already met her twice and she is honestly the most sweet, down-to-earth person! So I was definitely expecting a sweet fragrance from her.

Of course, the dominant note of the fragrance is rose as she loves crystals and its healing powers, but it's not a typical rose scent. The rose fragrance is gently twisted with delicate notes of grapefruit, musk, amber and bergamot, making the fragrance a sweet floral one. It's quite unique for a celebrity scent too. The fragrance is sweet, but its floral notes do well to not turn into a sickly scent. I will be reviewing her fragrance very soon!
Waiting for Alesha to arrive at her fragrance launch!

The bottle of the fragrance is gorgeously elegant and is multi-faceted so it looks like a crystal! I spoke to Alesha for a few minutes and she told me that her fragrance was ready for quite some time but she was pregnant.

Alesha turned up to the fragrance launch rocking a gorgeous House of Holland dress, and talked about how she wanted the fragrance to be affordable and she mentioned that she didn't want her fragrance being one that we're scared to use because of it being too expensive. At £25 for a 50ml bottle, it's brilliant value! Here are some photos from the launch! 
Alesha having a chat with journalists
Alesha Dixon's fragrance launch
Rose Quartz fragrance
Rose Quartz by Alesha Dixon

Alesha Dixon at her fragrance launch

I had a nice little chat with Alesha about her upcoming fragrance, her gorgeous dress, and she actually remembered me from the last time we met!


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  1. Ahh i'm so jealous! You both look beautiful and i can't wait to find out what the perfume smells like xoxo


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