Minajesty by Nicki Minaj review!

Minajesty was supposed to be launched on Valentine's Day at The Perfume Shop but launched on Monday due to popular demand, and I wasn't surprised- Barbz in the UK have been waiting for this fragrance to land in the UK for months! 

Prior to Minajesty, Nicki Minaj fans had already seen three fragrances from her; Pink Friday, and two limited edition interpretations of Pink Friday.

In the words of Nicki Minaj, "MINAJESTY is my newest scent- it is sultry, captivating and powerful. There is a sexy power behind having self-confidence. I want this fragrance to invite my Barbz to celebrate their glamorous side, live in the moment, and be outrageous knowing that true power comes from within." 
Minajesty by Nicki Minaj

Nicki has again opted for another quirky bottle like Pink Friday, and considering how well Pink Friday took the fragrance world by storm- why not? The Minajesty busty bottle follows a similar style to Pink Friday but instead has gorgeous bright pink wavy hair and a sexy red and black bustier. Some people aren't actually fond of the bottle but I love quirky and imaginative fragrance bottles, and I'm sure Barbz all over the world are loving it! Nicki Minaj also looks amazing in the photo of her on the back of the fragrance box.
Minajesty and Pink Friday
Minajesty is described as a sultry floral gourmand. The voyage of Minajesty begins with the bursting of fruity top notes of Juicy Peach, Red Currant, and Lemon Blossom, developing into a combination of heart notes including Magnolia, Pink Frangipani, and Tiger Orchid; and finally settling into a creamy dry-down scent made up of Tonka, Fluffy Vanilla, and White Musk notes.

It's definitely a sweet fragrance and it's not too strong. To me, the Lemon and Peach notes come through the most in the initial spraying of Minajesty but the lingering fragrance on the skin in the dry-down involves the Tonka notes to be the most dominant, making the fragrance creamier and more sultry. The dry-down is so lovely and works well with the fruity top notes.

I do prefer Minajesty to Pink Friday as Minajesty has more of a fruity kick to it whilst Pink Friday is more of a floral fragrance with a slight hint of fruitiness. Also, I found that Minajesty is longer-lasting.

Minajesty fragrance box

Nicki Minaj on the Minajesty box

Minajesty by Nicki Minaj is available to purchase at The Perfume Shop, and currently retails at:

£23.50 for 30ml

£28.50 for 50ml

£38.50 for 100ml


  1. The scent itself sounds really nice - I love a hint of creaminess - but personally I think the bottles are creepy. I'm all for silly, fun, girly packaging usually but something about these ones.. She looks so gorgeous in that photo though!

  2. OnikaaaMinaj9815:32

    I LOVE pink friday its my favorite perfume ever and i'm a massive nicki minaj fan so i have to get Minajesty too :DDDD

  3. This is a really weird looking bottle, but i quiet like it. i wounded if the fragrance smell nice...

  4. I just read a negative article on E! about this perfume but the way you've described it makes me feel otherwise! I have to smell this when I'm next in town!

  5. This sounds nice, but I can't say I'm a huge fan of the bottle. I can't really see it fitting onto my dressing table alongside my other fragrances... I am however, a bit of a fragrance snob! Oppss!

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  6. Anonymous22:02

    i cannot wait to try this , the first one smells gorgeous :)
    Melissa x theinkedblonde

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