BOSS JOUR Fragrance Review!

I love BOSS Nuit- it was one of my fave fragrances of 2012 as I wore it almost everyday in the Autumn last year! So obviously I was incredibly excited to try out its sister fragrance, BOSS Jour.

In a similar sleek bottle as Nuit but in crisp white, Jour is an elegant floral fragrance but with a fruity kick which makes it the perfect daytime fragrance symbolising femininity, sophistication, and composure. And again, Gwyneth Paltrow looks stunning in the fragrance's ad campaign!

The fragrance begins as a citrus-y scent, which is made up of top notes including Agathosma, Grapefruit Flower, and Lime Accord; which then very quickly develops into a sweet scent with its heart notes of Honeysuckle, Lily of the Valley, and Freesia; and finally its base notes consist of Amber, White Birch, and Orris. The scent is very fresh and crisp, but is delicate enough not to overwhelm. To me, Jour is a fragrance that can't really offend anyone as it's quite light, yet so feminine and luxurious, and definitely gives off a sense of confidence as well as a positive outlook.

I feel that Jour's quite similar to Nuit but lighter and fresher. I found that Nuit was slightly more fruity than Jour whilst Jour is more dominated by light floral notes, making it the perfect daytime fragrance. Because of this lightness, the longevity of the fragrance was surprising for me. I personally didn't think it would last so long but it lasted on me throughout the whole day and I could even smell it on my coat the next day. Also, with Jour being crisp and gentle, it's probably- to me- the best scent to spray on your hair. I'm guilty of spraying perfume onto my hair as I love the feeling of a beautiful scent lingering through my locks. Boss Jour is an incredibly refreshing and energetic scent, and so it smells amazing on the hair. 

The fragrance is the perfect Valentines gift for any woman; I love how elegant and sophisticated it would look for it to sit on someone's dressing table or being taken out of someone's handbag. The fragrance bottle also reminds me of a clean white dress. Ladies, hint at this to your fellas, or treat yourself to a bottle if you're looking for a new fragrance this Valentine's Day!

Boss Jour retails at £35 for 30ml, £49 for 50ml, and £63 for 75ml, and can be purchased from The Perfume Shop, Boots and stores nationwide.  


  1. I have both Jour and Nuit! They are both staples for me =D

  2. You made me wanna try them as soon as I'll go to shopping ;)) thank you

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  4. I've heard of this product but haven't had the chance to test it out, sounds like it's a beautiful must have scent!

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