Carmex Crusaders Limited Edition!

Me and Jayna popped over to Selfridges bright and early last Thursday to preview the opening of the new Carmex pop-up shop selling the limited edition Crusaders pot! Carmex has adopted a cute superhero theme and this product is such a great collectable for any of you Carmex lovers! I've used Carmex for many years now so I was very excited to see the limited edition lid.

I also met and had a lovely chat with Paul Woelbing- the president of the Carma Labs who arrived in a special Carmex cab. He was such a nice person, and talked about how his grandfather came up with the Carmex formula in his own kitchen, and how the success of the brand lay in the word-of-mouth of people. The story of Carmex as a brand and its 'rescue to the world of chapped lips' is very interestingly told in a limited edition comic which comes free with every purchase of the limited edition Crusaders pot. 

The Carmex pop-up shop is touring in Selfridges stores across the UK- it is currently in London until this Wednesday, and will then be travelling to Manchester for a few days and then Birmingham.

The limited edition Carmex Crusaders pot is currently available in Selfridges London until Wednesday, and retails at £3.99!


  1. Ahh I love Carmex!! I'm in Manchester for the next few weeks so will definately pick a couple of these up! The new design is so cool

  2. I bought a Carmex lip balm stick a few years ago because my makeup teacher was recommending it,but honestly didn't worked so good for me... I may try it this year to see if something changed, or just is not "made for me"
    thank you for posting


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