James Bond 007 Quantum fragrance review!

I'm a huge fan of James Bond [and Daniel Craig for that matter!] so I had to grab the third 007 fragrance 'Quantum' to smell it for myself. You know, seeing as I can recite almost every scene from Skyfall ;]. 

A picture of the 007 Quantum fragrance
Associated with the nation's most masculine figure that every man wishes to be, 'Quantum' is a light sophisticated fragrance composed of Bergamot, Cardamon, and Juniper Berries as top notes; Violet Leaves, Leather Accord and Geranium as the heart; and Benzoin, Sandalwood, and Vetiver as the base. 

It was strange yet interesting to see Leather Accord as one of the notes, but I personally think it compliments the fragrance as it strengthens the portrayal of Bond's personality, particularly in relation to his passion for expensive cars. What's interesting is that I can actually smell the leather, so it's not one of those fragrances that claims to include an interesting note but can't actually be detected in the scent. 

Quantum, which is labelled at 'The most dangerously sophisticated fragrance in the world', was very carefully composed in order to represent Bond's strong sense of masculinity alongside his sense of cool under pressure. I think this is very cleverly incorporated into the fragrance itself as it starts off with an intense masculine scent which then quickly settles into a cooler fragrance. As a woman, I really like it because it's not so overpowering and to me, is an accurate representation of Bond. I can totally imagine James Bond smelling like this. 

The scent is encapsulated in silvery grey bottle which is very gadget-like itself, with a really cool twist-up bottle top- which is perfect for that agent/detective feeling. 

It's perfect for any guy who admires the Bond lifestyle- i.e. the sexy suits, the expensive cars, the wicked gadgets, and most importantly, the adrenaline. More importantly, as James Bond has been a key figure for decades, the fragrance is great as a gift for anyone of all ages. I bought it for myself and I'm a woman! 

The 007 Quantum fragrance can be purchased at The Perfume Shop, and retails at: £19.50 for 30ml, £24.50 for 50ml and £31.50 for 75ml. 


  1. My boyfriend LOVES Ocean Royale!! I have to get him this one too. Love the story behind the Quantum fragrance -x-

  2. I thought there was only 1 james bond fragrance?! This 1 sounds so fascinating cos I've never heard of leather in a fragrance

  3. the bottle looks like a hand grenade or something! very interesting and definitly goes with the james bond feel. and defos to the leather. usually i associate that with a more cowboy- sort of scent but i can see how the sexy leather inside european cars can be fitting for a bond perfume as well.
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