'Taylor' by Taylor Swift review!

After smelling Taylor Swift's third fragrance 'Taylor', I sincerely hope that she continues to make fragrances for a very long time to come. This one is just amazing! 

Seriously, I never thought she would top 'Wonderstruck' [which I love], but she did because 'Taylor'- in my opinion- is the best fragrance out of all three she's launched.
A photo of Taylor Swift's fragrance
'Taylor' by Taylor Swift fragrance
'Taylor' is a gorgeous fruity oriental fragrance which is composed with top notes of lychee, tangerine, and magnolia petals; heart notes of peonies, hydrangeas, and vanilla orchids; and base notes of apricot nectar, sandalwood, and musks, thus making it a very mature, feminine scent. I find the fragrance incredibly magnetic. The scent of apricot immersed in sandalwood is the most dominant to me, and I love the creamy dry-down- it's a lot more long-lasting than 'Wonderstruck' and 'Enchanted Wonderstruck'. I actually voted for this fragrance in The Perfume Shop's 'Love Perfume Awards'. 
A picture of Taylor Swift's fragrance
'Taylor' by Taylor Swift fragrance
The fragrance is captured in a rather simplistic bottle with a crystallized top, adorned with pearls. The 30ml bottle of 'Taylor' looks so cute and only takes up little space in your handbag. At first I wasn't too keen on the multi-coloured swirly deco on the top the bottle as I felt that it didn't really go together with the pearls around the bottle-top, but I've actually warmed up to it now. 

Also, as with her first two fragrances, the back of the box packaging of 'Taylor' is a gorgeous photo of Taylor Swift herself, which is a nice personal touch.

'Taylor' by Taylor Swift can be purchased at The Perfume Shop. You can also follow @TSwiftFragrance on Twitter for some chit-chat on Taylor's fragrances. 

Are you a fan of any Taylor Swift fragrances? Which is your fave?



  1. I'm liking the sound of the apricot and sandalwood. I haven't tried any of Taylor Swift's perfumes yet but I think I'll give this a go

  2. Such a pretty pretty bottle!!!


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