The Key by Justin Bieber review!

After the whopping success of his first two fragrances, Justin Bieber is launching an exciting third fragrance in a couple of weeks. The fragrance is called 'The Key' and is idealised by the belief that it will bring together Justin and his dedicated fans on a more personal, and connected level, and that they should always believe in their dreams.

The Key is a lovely fruity floral fragrance which opens with a juicy burst of Mandarin, Crisp Pear, Boysenberry and Sweet Osmanthus Blossoms, which then dries down to a warm creamy scent of Vanilla, Musks, and a touch of Raspberry Cream on the skin. The scent of the pear is definitely the dominant amongst the top notes. I was also actually a little surprised at the creamy dry down as it makes the fragrance slightly more mature than I was expecting- not that it's a problem though, as I feel that it'll still go down as a smash-hit with the Beliebers. 

I'd also say that although it starts off as quite lively and energetic, it settles down into a lovely subtle creamy scent- which makes it perfect for a younger audience and I can definitely see this being just as successful as Justin's first two fragrances. 

The crisp white fragrance bottle has a gold hardware with the words 'Justin Bieber- The Key' engraved onto it, which makes the packaging more modern in comparison to his first two fragrances. The packaging is also claimed to be inspired by Justin's appreciation of cutting edge fashion and technology.  

The fragrance also comes with a golden 'key' charm on its bottle is supposed to represent a message from Justin to his fans that their dreams can be unlocked and will come true, no matter how challenging they may be; which I think is a very applaudable message. I feel that a lot of Beliebers will be able to identify themselves with Justin through this fragrance- I know that my younger sister definitely will! 

In the words of Justin Bieber himself: My fans mean everything to me and, whether it’s through music or fragrance, I always want to find new and different ways to connect with them. My fragrances are my way of sending out a positive message, reminding those who support me how much I love them. THE KEY means a lot to me, it’s a symbol that started with my team, reminding us to “believe”, and it’s evolved into a part of my tour. I’m really excited about this new fragrance since I get the chance to share this key with all my fans.  THE KEY not only unlocks the possibilities of their dreams, but it will unlock a personal side of me they’ve never seen before- bringing us closer than ever” 

Beliebers will also be over the moon about the fact that the charm- which is embellished with gorgeous sparkling stones- can be removed and used as a key-ring or worn as a charm on a bracelet!

The Key EDP by Justin Bieber will be available to purchase from prestige department stores and speciality stores including The Perfume Shop from 21st August, and will retail at £24/£29/£39 for 30ml/50ml/100ml. 


  1. Wowee that looks kinda classy. I think the key concept is great too!

  2. My niece will love this! Her birthday's on the 23rd so it's the perfect present! She's a huge belieber xxx

  3. nice!


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