Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj review!

I've been excited for Nicki Minaj's debut fragrance ever since it was announced that she was launching one. Her fragrance is called 'Pink Friday' and it launched into the UK in March and unsurprisingly, it's proved to be very successful.

The fragrance bottle for Pink Friday is incredibly unique and so cool- it's very Jean Paul Gaultier but with a more funky edge, characterising Nicki Minaj's bubbly, colourful personality and outgoing style in just one glimpse. She's launched a brilliant visual addition to the celebrity perfume market- I love the candy pink hair! Nicki posted a sneak preview image of the bottle before it's release on Twitter, and the bottle-design had her fans in a real craze of anticipation of what the fragrance would actually smell like. 

Nicki played a vital role in the creation of her fragrance: "I was involved in every aspect of the decision-making process- it seems easy because I always get this feeling inside: I know if something is right or wrong. Each detail needs to 'wow' me or it is not an option; that's my way of composing perfection."

I can tell you that Pink Friday is a gorgeously sweet fragrance which definitely reflects on the candy pink hair of its bottle, with an initial burst of Starfruit and Italian Mandarin, heart notes of Lotus Flower and Jasmine Petals, which then settles into an sweet set of base notes consisting of vanilla, caramelised pear, and musk on the skin. Pink Friday is categorised as a Floral Musk fragrance but I personally think it has a fruity side to it too which is lovely and makes the fragrance more of playful one. Plus I love fragrances with a good old vanilla note! 

However the fragrance isn't overpowering at all as you might expect from floral/fruity fragrances- in fact its subtleness makes it quite the opposite, and a youthful scent too. The fragrance slightly reminds me of Juicy Couture, and it's the perfect daytime scent. I overheard a teenager once saying that it smells like Justin Bieber's 'Girlfriend' fragrance, but I think that Justin Bieber's is more dominated by the fruity scents of Orange Blossom and Apricot, whereas Nicki Minaj's is more centered around the sweet scent of Jasmine Petals and Musks.

Nicki also announced recently that she is launching another fragrance 'Her Minajesty' soon. So exciting! 

Nicki Minaj's fragrance retails at £23.50 for 30ml, £28.50 for 50ml, and £38.50 for 100ml, and can be purchased at The Perfume Shop. You also get a free Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Hair Mist spray with your purchase. 


  1. The bottle is amazing!! I love it!

  2. I remember seeing this in Selfridges and I liked it. I wasn't expecting it to be so sweet.. and it wasn't sickly

  3. I love this! My cousin managed to get one of the outfits for the 1st 100 purchases or something. Cant wait for minajesty too xox

  4. Anonymous21:36

    This is my fav celeb fragrance. It's like nicki minaj in a bottle


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