Lee Stafford Poker Straight DeHumidifier!

My hair never behaves itself in the Summer- I have naturally quite curly hair that can get really frizzy and messy in humid weather, and we've had a lot of that over the last couple of weeks in the UK. 

Lee Stafford's Poker Straight DeHumidifier is a very light hairspray designed to fight frizz, and it's my hero for when I've blow-dried and straightened my hair. It can be a real pain when you've spent so long doing your hair only for it to be ruined by humid weather. 

I was actually surprised as to how well it worked as my hair tends to be rebellious; I lightly sprayed the DeHumidifier over my hair before I went off to a barbeque a few weeks ago, and it proved its brilliance to me. The DeHumidifier tames my hair, prevents it from frizzing and much to my joy, keeps it straight all day. Frizz from humidity is something I've battled for years and this is the perfect solution for me; it takes seconds to spray on and it's very light so your hair doesn't feel heavy from product build-up.

The tip to using this product is to spray it from half an arms length from your hair to prevent the build up of grease. Trust me, spraying it close to your hair will make your hair greasy- I learnt the hard way! Also, with this product, less is definitely more. 

Lee Stafford's Poker Straight DeHumidifier retails at £5.99 and can be purchased at Boots

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  1. I love these types of products just because they work for different people i love how different tings work for different people


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