Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper

Nad's was founded by Sue Ismiel in Australia, who has an inspiring story as to how she created the brand after wanting to help her daughter with unwanted hair. I've met her, and she's an amazing woman who loves her brand and her family.

Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper is something that I haven't spotted on the market as of yet, and I think it's amazing. I always stock up on these as it's such a useful product, and it's tiny! It reminds me of  a twist-up lip-gloss, and it's brush applicator allows precision which is important when it comes to eyebrows. The kit comes with the eyebrow wand itself, and some cotton strips for the waxing. These strips can be washed and re-used which is an excellent selling point in my opinion.

One aspect of waxing that everybody hates is that the stickiness of the wax, that can become incredibly annoying when you've stuck on the wax strip in the wrong place. With Nad's, you can wash off any unwanted wax on the skin using just water and a cloth. 

Compared to other hair removal brands that offer waxing products, Nad's is so much less painful. So if you have a low pain threshold, Nad's works perfectly, especially when removing hair from a very delicate and sensitive area such as the face. I used the Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper to get rid of a few strays around my eyebrows and- for me- it did not hurt a little bit. Although I'm used to waxing and it generally doesn't feel painful for me anymore, it literally felt like I was removing hair, when in fact I was.

The product is also versatile enough for it to be used on any other part of the face; I've also used it on my chin to remove slight hairs. I've heard from others that it doesn't work so well on the upper lip, but it works great on brows, cheeks, and chins. Also- practice makes perfect! So if you're not familiar with waxing your eyebrows, test a patch somewhere else to get an idea of the precision. I tested the Facial Wand on my arm before using it on my brows, and now I'm used to it.

Nad's products can be purchased from Boots in the UK, and the Facial Wand retails at: £10.20. 

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