GOSH 'Highschool Flirt' and 'Girls On Film' Nail Lacquers

'Highschool Flirt' is an elegant nude shade with a slight hint of pink to it. What I find with nude shades is that they sometimes require a few coats to build up the opacity of the colour, but this shade by GOSH in particular is so creamy in consistency that I literally only needed one coat to achieve the look below. I’ve always been a lover of GOSH’s Nail Lacquers and I’ve raved about them on this blog for a quite a long time.
I’m a total glitter gal so it's no surprise that I'm obsessed with GOSH's 'Girls On Film' shade- a stunning sparkly  pink shade with a multi-colour sheen to it. It's part of GOSH's SS13 collection and I love it. It can be worn on its own or on top of another colour; either way it looks amazing on your nails. 

'Girls On Film' is not at all gloopy in consistency- I’ve used it quite a few times and it hasn’t glooped up at all, which is brilliant as a lot of glitter polishes I’ve used before have become useless before they’ve even finished and I always end up pumping the bottle with a few drops of nail polish remover to smooth out the consistency- which unfortunately doesn’t work all the time so I end up chucking them away.

What I love about the 'Girls on Film' shade- apart from the glitter :) - is the versatility of it; you can wear it on it's own or as an overcoat on another colour for a more glamorous look. One time I wore a sky blue nail polish during the day and before I went out in the evening, I applied a coat of 'Girls On Film' over my nails. It was just so effortless, particularly due to the GOSH Nail Lacquers' speedy drying time.

GOSH Nail Lacquers retail at £4.99 each, and are exclusive to Superdrug.


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  1. Your nails look great lovely shade!
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