Vidal Sassoon Curling Tongs!

I naturally have wavy hair but it can sometimes get very frizzy and messy at times- much to my frustration. The Vidal Sassoon tongs creates amazingly defined curls as well as waves so it's great for me to create curls or perfect the odd wave.

It heats up very fast- I've previously owned a pair of Babyliss curlers that literally look ages to heat up which was so frustrating. Vidal Sassoon's Titanium Tongs heats up in a matter of seconds. Another good thing I noticed about these tongs is that they cooled down pretty quickly after switching them off, an aspect which I think is great as I hate leaving my styling tools lying around. The quick cooling time allows me to actually pack away the tongs soon after styling my hair.

Also, the Vidal Sassoon tongs turns itself off after 60 minutes of inactivity, so if you've left the house worrying whether or not you've turned the tongs off, you're in good hands.

The unique selling point of the Vidal Sassoon Titanium Tongs is the Detox Technology, which claims to protects your hair while styling with heat as well as maintain the hair's cleanliness and shine. 

Easy to stand on a surface. I hate it when I curl my hair and have nowhere to put the tongs as I'm always so fearful that they'll roll off my dressing table. Some curlers don't have this so it's a great feature.

The tongs were very easy to use with the hair clamp and the extra long cable, and my hair was a lot more shinier than usual after curling. Usually, my hair looks slightly dull after styling my hair with heat so I'd have to use a shine spray after styling. I didn't even have to reach for the shine spray after using these tongs. The photos of my hair were taken without flash and you can still see that the hair is shiny.

I was incredibly pleased with these tongs as my curls lasted all day, so I totally recommend them! Here are some photos. Sorry- my fringe wouldn't behave that day!


  1. WOW I have serious hair envy now!! How long did it take you? xo

    1. Ahh thank you sooo much! It only took me 20 minutes! :) xx

  2. I have to check this out for sure. I'm tired of my babyliss ones


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