Especially Escada fragrance review!

If you're a lover of floral scents and you haven't tried out the Especially Escada fragrance, you're missing out!

My initial thoughts as soon as I sprayed some of the fragrance were good; it's a fresh, feminine scent of pear, musk and roses, which is a lovely combination. However, it's not as overwhelming as most fresh fragrances. In fact, Especially Escada is a soft, and subtle scent- amazing if you love spraying perfume into your hair! It makes the perfect daytime and evening fragrance. What I love most about the fragrance is that it's sensual and unique.
Considering that the fragrance is soft and subtle, it lasts a pretty long time on the skin. I wore it before I went to uni the other day and I got home in the evening only to realise that the scent had lingered on me  the whole day.

The bottle for Especially Escada is simple yet beautiful and elegant. It's rectangular in shape topped with a gold bottle styled out with iconic Escada logo. The luxurious bottle design definitely reflects the gorgeous scent inside the bottle, and it makes a perfect touch to your dressing table too.

Especially Escada can be purchased from Boots, The Perfume Shop, Debenhams, and most fragrance retailers, and is priced at £33 for 30ml and £46 for 50ml.


  1. Sounds perfect for me!

    I've started a new feature on my blog today called "My Top Five..." where I'm picking my five favourite nail polishes in each colour over the next couple of weeks! I'm starting with blue... xxx

  2. Sounds lovely. Love the ad campaign :-)

  3. I have a few mini escada fragrances... I know people say they're too sweet, but I love them :) I'll have to try a sample of this one


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