Zerona Body Treatment launch

A few weeks ago I was invited to Zerona's body contouring treatment launch- non-invasive treatment that claims to reduce fat without pain, side-effects, and having to undergo a recovery period. 

What is it?
The treatment that was a huge hit in the US is a 'cool laser' technology that aims to reduce the fat on the stomach, thighs, hips and arms in the safest way. According to Zerona, undergoing the treatment would result in an average loss of 3.53 inches on their waist, hips and thighs after a recommended six or more 40 minute sessions over a two week period. At the launch event, a woman who had the treatment spoke about how she noticed a difference hours after her first treatment! 

Why have the treatment?
We were given a talk from Dr Chris Inglefield who claimed that this treatment is great for those who eat healthily and exercise regularly, but want to get rid of that stubborn fat that you're finding difficult to get rid of. 

Additionally we were told that once the fat disappears, it won't come back just so long as you keep up with your exercise routine and healthy eating, so the results are non-temporary. It sounds really promising and I am definitely thinking of giving it a go!

Here are some photos from the event!


  1. Wow I've just researched this and it sounds like such a breakthrough. This will probably mark the end of invasive surgery which i think is great as being happy with your body shouldn't be painful

  2. Cheryl Watts20:59

    I heard about this and I deff need this!! I've stuck to a gym routine for 4 months now so this is perfect for me

    Cheryl xox

  3. Hi

    iam from chennai, india . Recently i went through this treatment and i lost overall 25 inches and 5kgs in twenty sessions, Thanks to the technique.

  4. wow!!i need that!!!!

  5. This sounds amazing! Do you know how much each treatment is? I am a new follower btw, found you as the featured blogger on the blog hop :-)

  6. Hey! I'm not sure of the exact price of the treatment. But I think it's around £1,000 for a series of six treatments. Thanks for the follow too! :) xx

  7. Nice post!!!Zerona is the first device to appreciate the endocrine function of the adipocyte by delivering an aesthetic treatment designed to provide patients with a meaningful slimming without inducing cell death.


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