MUA Nail Constellation: Pisces and Gemini

I popped into Superdrug yesterday and purchased the recently launched MUA Nail Constellation, one in Pisces and one in Gemini- I am neither, but unfortunately MUA doesn't have a shade called Aries!

MUA Nail Constellations are coloured beads that can be used to create a 3D 'Caviar' nail effect that can be achieved by painting your nail and then sprinkling the beads over it whilst wet for it to stick. They're super easy to use- I'm terrible when it comes to instructions but I was really impressed with the result effect!

Pisces consists of mainly blue beads with a few pink and silver ones, whilst Gemini consists of mainly pink beads with a few purple and blue beads. I experimented with the two shades using the colours recommended which is light blue or turquoise for Pisces and a light pink for Gemini which looks great but it's more a summer theme.

So I also experimented with the Nail Constellation in Gemini using darker shades that are on-trend this Winter. I personally think it looks better with a dark colour as a base as it looks more bold and complements the colours of the beads. I love this effect! It definitely reminds me of sweeties and cupcakes- it's such a cool effect that's easy to achieve!
The sprinkler is good for allowing a decent amount of beads to sprinkle out before the base colour dries, but the process is a little messy to be sure to use a small bowl to collect the falling beads- I used a piece of paper though as it's easier to pop the beads back into the sprinkler! 

Additionally, the drying time for this effect is pretty quick and impressive as long as you don't force the beads to check if they're fully stuck. The majority of the beads stayed put overnight, but obviously the nail art won't be perfect as the beads can easily come off so don't expect it to last too long!

What's more, the MUA Nail Constellation only costs £3! You can purchase MUA products from Superdrug and on MUA's online store:

What do you think? Have you tried these before?


  1. I love these beads, I have a Gemini but ended up buying it twice! Oh we'll I'm sure I can use them up. Loving the different colours on the different nail colours. Looks great!
    Dani xx
    My Make-up & Beauty Obsession!

  2. Very pretty! Both look lovely xo

  3. Pretty! They remind me of Licorice Allsorts :) x

  4. These look awesome - even better than the Ciate ones and for a much more reasonable price!! x


  5. I have been wanting to buy these because they look so cool! But nobody has really done a review on them, so thank you! They look great and are so cheap!


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