Introducing... The Mother Hair Styler!

The Mother Hair Styler is a professional salon hair styler that launched in the UK back in June and it has really impressed me!

The main feature of the styler is the inter-changeable plates that you can easily swap depending on what style you're aiming to achieve, so whether you want to straighten your hair quickly and more efficiently with wide straightening plates or just straighten your fringe or create some bangs with the smaller plates, the Mother hair styler is the perfect tool that's so versatile!
Mother Hair Styler with wide plates fitted
Mother Hair Styler with smaller plates fitted

Because I have long hair, I find that the wider plates are a lot more efficient for me to use but I also use the smaller plates to touch up my styled hair during the day or to finish off a poker straight hair-style.

What surprised me about the Mother Hair Styler was that the inter-changeable plates were very easy to swap- I initially thought that changing the plates would be a lot of hassle, but I was wrong. Although, you have to be extra careful when the plates are hot if they've just been used, so be sure to wait until they cool down a little until you start to change the plates! The set does come with heat protection cases for both of the plate sizes, a heat protection mat, and is fitted with an easy safety lock. So you're fully equipped and makes hair styling a lot more safe.

Additionally, there are loads of straighteners and curlers and stylers out there on the market that are a huge hassle to use abroad if you've forgotten to take along a travel adaptor! Luckily, the Mother Hair Styler comes with a built-in travel adaptor so if you're pretty much in good hands if you travel abroad a lot.

The styler heats up quickly and the plates were the smoothest I have ever come across- I never thought I'd find better than ghd! Not only do the smooth plates make it easier to style your hair, but they add a bit of gloss to your hair too.
Another thing that's great about the Mother Hair Styler is the fact that it's packaged beautifully in a large white box with black and silver embellishment so it's perfect to give as a gift. I bet any girl would love to receive this beauty for Christmas!

The Mother Hair Styler retails at £140, and can be purchased here:



  1. Wow that looks so cool! Seems pricy but probably worth if seeing as you wont have to buy two straighteners x

  2. I've never heard of the Mother Styler but it sounds exciting it'll be so cool to own 1 :D


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