Cher Lloyd fragrance review!

Cher Lloyd's fragrance
Launching your own fragrance is probably the hottest thing to do at the moment- so many celebs are launching their own scent, and I definitely wouldn't mind giving it a go myself!

The news and launch of Cher Lloyd's debut fragrance was all over the internet and tabloids last month, which is no surprise; the sales of her fragrance exceeded by 500% the initial expectations, and she looked absolutely amazing at her fragrance launch!

Cher's fragrance is in the form of a fuchsia pink diamond, packaged in a snazzy, shiny, pink diamond-patterned box with Cher Lloyd's name (as her fragrance is self-titled) written in silver holographic font. It's very pretty and girly! Cher chose to encase her fragrance in a pink diamond to remind her fans that everyone is special, and diamond-like, which I think is lovely as the 'Brats' (her fans) seem to really really support her.

The fragrance is a fruity floral fragrance which settles into a gorgeous vanilla scent. The scent's top notes are Golden Quince, Cassis, and Exotic Kiwi, and the heart notes consist of Jasmine Petals, White Chocolate, Orchid and Orris Root, whilst the base notes are Creamy Musks, Vanilla Pod, and Indian Sandalwood. It's a very girly, sweet, youthful scent that's great to give young girls as a gift- especcially if they're a Cher Lloyd fan!

When Cher talked through her fragrance at her official fragrance launch, she mentioned that she really wanted to capture a vanilla scent, as it was a favourite ever since she was young.

The scent definitely reminds me of Britney Spears' Fantasy fragrance, but the lasting scent on the skin is a lot more 'vanillary'.

What do you think? Have you given the scent a little whiff yet? Or have you already tried it? 


  1. Cute bottle! The box is pretty too!

  2. I used to love Fantasy but when I was pregnant last year it smelt vile to me when my friend wore it and ever since then Fantasy never smellt the same. Its interesting when someone famous makes a perfume because you get a real sense of their personality xoxo

  3. Looks nice! I'm not a big fan of Cher Llyod but my cousin would love this! I'm not surprised that it exceeded expectations either I heard she's sweet when she meets with fans too

  4. Wow I absolutely LOVE the bottle! Must get my hands on this! (If not just for the bottle hehe!)
    Great review xx

  5. Its lovely checkout my blog at

  6. The packaging is so cute, even the color. It looks elegant, classy and expensive. It also looks very girly. I am interested in trying out some samples because I usually prefer floral fruity scents.

  7. Love the bottle xoxoxo


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