Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift review!

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck
Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck was launched last year in the States, and proved to be incredibly popular- particularly across her fan base. But us Brits had to wait a whole year to get our hands on the queen of country music's first-ever fragrance!

The gorgeous fruity floral scent is captured in a magnificent purple coloured bottle with a patterned golden bottle-top and dangling antiqued charms of a dove, a birdcage, and a Moravian star. The bottle has an iridescent rainbow holographic finish (apparently, this concept has never been used before in the fragrance industry so it's really exciting!) and when the light shines directly through the bottle, it becomes a beautiful crystal clear deep purple colour. Check out my photographs in the slideshow below!

Taylor Swift has clearly put in a lot of thought in terms of the fragrance's design because it looks so bewitching and treasure-like, which will look perfect on a girl's dressing table. 

The first words that come to my mind about this fragrance are: fairies, castles, princesses, and magic, which warmly embraces the cute feminine style of Taylor Swift- a style that makes her a great feminine role model! To me, she's the perfect modern day Disney princess!
Taylor at the Wonderstruck fragrance
launch in New York (

Taylor believes that "Wearing perfume is such a unique way to create memories. Like songs, a scent can take you back and allow you to relive a moment in time."

Wonderstruck bursts with a fun, fruity scent with the essence of apple blossom, raspberry, and dewberry- making the scent full of life as soon as you spritz it!

The fruity aroma then develops into a vanilla infused floral scent of sun drenched honeysuckle and white hibiscus, which then leads to a lingering fragrance on the skin of golden amber, sandalwood, and peach. 

I absolutely love it- it's not as tacky as some celebrity fragrances. Overall, it's quite a gentle sweet fragrance- i.e. A not so strong, full-on fruity floral fragrance which can often be over-powering and can cause a headache when someone over-wears it. Because it's gentle, it doesn't last as long considering that it's an EDP, but it's still a gorgeous fragrance which is suitable to wear for both day and night!

Wonderstruck is available at Boots, Superdrug, The Perfume Shop, and The Fragrance Shop, and retails at £20 for 30ml, £29 for 50ml, and £38 for 100ml.

Also, after the success of this fragrance, Taylor Swift has recently launched her second fragrance- a sister fragrance to Wonderstruck, called Wonderstruck Enchanted. Unfortunately, it won't be available in the UK until 2013! Waah! :(
Wonderstruck print advertisement campaign

What do you think? Have you tried this fragrance? Are you a Taylor Swift fan?


  1. Ahh thanks I didn't know this had already launched over here!

  2. The bottle looks amazing!!

  3. Wow what a wonderful review.. I'm a massive taylor swift fan and I really like how subtle & fruity this perfume is. I Definately need to buy it.Love your slideshow too xo

  4. Anonymous18:00

    If you love this you're going to LOVE Wonderstruck Enchanted!!!

  5. Wowee I love the charms and how ah-mazing the perfume looks! I totally agree with you on how it looks magical too. I'm going to give this a try for sure x

  6. What a brilliant slideshow!! Wonderstruck sounds like a lovely fragrance

  7. amelia_Swifty00:28

    I love this and I cannot wait to buy wonderstruck enchanted. I'm a huge fan of Taylor. U have a lovely website btw xxx

  8. I've never come across this before. But it does look very pretty especcially the holographic effects nd the charms! X

  9. Any fruity scent is a winner for me :D My little sister will love this

  10. wow thats a very lovely bottle! they should have an equivalent holo polish for that! :D

  11. i like the packaging :) I love fruity scents :)

    i found you from the #bbloggers blog hop :)


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