Girlfriend by Justin Bieber review!

Last year, pop sensation Justin Bieber had followed the foot-steps of many celebrities and launched a very popular debut fragrance, 'Someday', and has since then launched a second fragrance called 'Girlfriend'.

First of all, I was surprised at how big the box was- especcially for your average 50ml fragrance, which means that the bottle must be something indeed.

And it was! The fragrance is accommodated in a tall purple bottle that fits into a heart shape that's then wrapped by a bright multi-coloured slinky! The slinky definitely makes it seem like a fun fragrance, and the heart shaped bottle was chosen by Justin as it symbolizes the heart hand gesture that he uses to connect with his fans. It's a real eye-catching design that's cleverly put together.
Girlfriend is a fruity floral fragrance that's full of youth! It's a rather flirtatious scent that's feminine and fresh. The initial burst smells of Apricot Nectar and Orange Blossom, which then develops into a richer fruity scent of Crisp mandarin, Sparkling Pear, Rich Blackberry and Mara Strawberry, and  then finally settles into a 'vanillary' and 'musky' floral scent. My favourite part is the initial burst of the fragrance because it's really fruity and you can definitely smell the Orange Blossom and the Jasmine notes.

The fragrance is perfect for all the Beliebers out there. It's clearly marketed for Justin Bieber fans- one side of the fragrance box packaging actually has an image of Justin Bieber for fans to admire, which is great as they're possessing something that has been made by Justin for them. In fact, my 11 year old sister gasped when she saw this fragrance sitting on the mantelpiece in my room!

Girlfriend is available to purchase at The Perfume Shop, Boots, and across the UK.
Eau de Parfum 30ml £24  
Eau de Parfum 50ml £29 
Eau de Parfum 100ml £39


  1. The bottle looks so funky and cool! My sister would have gasped like your sister too if she saw this in our house!! Shes a JB Obsessive!

  2. The Perfume Shop were really pushing for sales for this perfume a few weeks ago. I would have got it for my niece but £24 for 30ml didn't seem reasonable to me. The scent was fairly nice so maybe I'll get it for her as an Xmas gift as I'm sure she will love it and Xmas sets are better value

  3. Oooh nice design! It must be so cool to own 1! I haven't tried the frangrance yet but it sounds nice :)

  4. Anonymous05:45

    how much did you buy it


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