Frontcover AW12 Blogger Launch!

Yesterday I attended Frontcover's AW12 Blogger Launch event at the Karine Jackson Hair Salon just off Charing Cross Road to preview their AW12 collection!
Frontcover AW12 Blogger Launch

Frontcover is a make-up brand that may well have made an appearance under your Christmas tree as they create a range of beauty sets/kits to create the latest catwalk and on-trend make-up looks. These beauty sets are incredibly popular around Christmas time.

We played around with the AW12 collection by swatching some bits and having the make-up artist try out some make-up looks on us whilst sipping on some champagne and nibbling on some exclusive Frontcover cupcakes!
Frontcover cup-cakes!

I learnt that Frontcover are no longer going to be available in Boots as they wanted to sell their products on a global basis, distributed by Sephora and QVC.

There was no way I could pick one fave product; infact, I have three! The Kissogram set (a whopping 20 lipsticks!), the metallic eyeshadow set, and the nails set. Not sure of names just yet, but will update this post as soon as I do!

Also, Frontcover have really listened to their customer feedback on last year's collection; for example, one of the big beauty sets seemed a little difficult for consumers to carry around whilst on the go, so Frontcover have revamped it to allow the eyeshadows to individually be taken out of the beauty set so it's more compact.

I'm planning to do a separate post soon on the new AW12 collection so all of the product details will be included! 
Frontcover Kissogram

Frontcover Kissogram and my glass of champagne!

Frontcover metallic eyeshadow set

Sparkly silver eyeshadow look with gems!

Frontcover big beauty set

Frontcover Moondance set

Frontcover nail art set

Frontcover smokey eyeshadow set

Pretty Frontcover cup-cake!

What do you think? Are you a fan of Frontcover?


  1. Janet Osbourne12:12

    Pretty cakes! Your nails look really nice too :o)

  2. Oh gosh, there I am... (Top pic, haha!). Great post :) The sets that you weren't sure the names of are Party Queen (metallic eyes) and Dark Arts (nails) ;) These were favourites of mine! I really struggled to choose 1 favourite though, I'd love to buy every set to be honest.



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