LUSH Haul!

Me and my 5 year old sister went on a long-needed trip to LUSH in Brent Cross a few weeks ago. I love the guys over at the Brent Cross store- they're so so friendly! My sister always goes crazy in there, so it wasn't surprising when she finished all of her 7 bath bombs in just a few weeks!

I was a little more patient than my little sister, so I haven't used any of the bath bombs I brought for myself so far. So I've decided to include all of them in a blog-post as part of a haul post. Here's what I purchased: 
vanilla fountain bath bomb
This smells absolutely divine! I'm a sucker for vanilla scents so this went straight into the basket to purchase! This bath bomb is made with real vanilla beans, a dash of creme brulee, vanilla custard and sherbet!

Think Pink bath bomb
This is probably my fourth or fifth purchase of this product. The little flowers are incredibly soft when rubbed on the skin, and they're great for gentle moisturising whilst in the bath. This bath bomb also has cute little bits of pink heart confetti which make a lovely appearance when the bath bomb is placed in water.

Pop in the bath bubble barI've never tried this bubble bar but I had to purchase it as it looked and smelt lovely! Apparently it doesn't make as many bubbles as the other LUSH bubble bars do, but I wanted to try it for myself.

Creamy Candy bubble bar
This smells amazing and has been one of my all-time LUSH faves!   The bubble bar softens the skin because it's so creamy, and it makes you, and the bathroom smell beautiful (like candy)- even after you've left the bathroom!
Space Girl bath bomb
The first ever bath bomb I ever purchased from LUSH was Space Girl. The bath bomb is infused with grapefruit oil, so it smells lovely. Space Girl contains popping candy, so when the bath bomb is under water, you'll hear a few crackling noises. And as a finishing touch, Space Girl has a sprinkle of glitter over it. 
Dragon's Egg bath bomb

The Dragon's Egg is of a citrus lemon scent, and is a lot bigger than the other bath bombs. It's quite a fun bath bomb- with popping candy, colour infusions, and confetti! My 5 year old sister absolutely loves this!

What do you think? Have you tried any of these?


  1. Oh wow I want all of them!!

  2. I love the Creamy Candy bar. I can't go into Lush without buying one or smelling them! I have never heard of Pop in the bath though.


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