Lee Stafford Poker Straight range!

Straight hair is something that many women wish to possess; it's a lot easier to handle and style, looks longer and sleeker, and is very versatile in terms of hair-style choices. So let me introduce you to Lee Stafford's Poker Straight range!
The Poker Straight range!
Using straightening products such as the Lee Stafford Poker Straight range will make your hair a lot easier to straighten as well as making it a lot smoother and sleeker, allowing your hair to stay lovely and straight for longer- even if your hair is naturally straight!

★ Shampoo & Conditioner (£5.49):
These are packaged in cute little 250ml pink bottles which look so trendy and cool in the bathroom! Plus, these smell lovely and healthy. They claim to 'silken, soften and shine' and helps to combat static hair- which I definitely think worked when used with the Intensive Care Treatment.
Lee Stafford Poker Straight

★ Poker Straight Intensive Care Treatment (£7.39):
I love using intensive treatments and hair masques- primarily because it actually gives you what the shampoo/conditioner range, says it will.

What I liked most about this hair treatment is the fact that I could immediately feel that the texture of my hair was a lot smoother, even before I blow dried it! Even after I blow-dried my hair, I could tell that my hair was a lot more tamed and smoother than usual.

Additionally, I love how the treatment leaves your hands feeling incredibly smooth as if you've just applied a good moisturiser.

Usually you'd only use an intensive treatment once a week, but Lee recommends that you use the treatment in between using the shampoo and conditioner every time you wash your hair until the condition of your hair has improved, and then only use it once a week.
Lee Stafford Poker Straight

★ Poker Straight Serum (£7.39):
At first, I was a bit skeptical trying the serum out because I have a bad history with hair serums- I've found plenty of them to be too oily and greasy, but I'm actually very impressed with Lee Stafford's Poker Straight Serum. 

It's lightweight and non-greasy, just like Lee Stafford's ArganOil. And I absolutely love that you only have to use a little bit for your hair because it goes a long way, and it absorbs quickly too, allowing your hair to not look and feel greasy!
Lee Stafford Poker Straight

★ Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist (£5.99):
This is a heat protection mist spray that not only protects your hair from burning and becoming brittle from using straightening irons, but it also adds shine to your hair. My hair didn't sizzle whilst I was straightening my hair, my hair straightened a lot easier than usual, and my straightened hair definitely lasted a lot longer.

 Poker Straight Dehumidifier (£5.99):
I hate it when my hair transforms from straightened to a huge frizzy mess, which is typical with humid weather- I don't always look my best a couple of hours after I've stepped out the door in humid weather because my hair just frizzes up! So it's great that this product is in the Poker Straight range. It's obvious that Lee Stafford has put a lot of thought into it!

The weather has been ridiculously humid over the last few days in London, so there was no better time for me to try this product out, and it worked! My hair stayed straight for ages throughout the day and it didn't become brittle, dry and frizzy like it usually does in humid temperatures.

Why Lee Stafford?
Lee Stafford has been a professional hairdresser for 25 years so he really knows his stuff! And the Lee Stafford brand is filled with that precise knowledge, which is something that many high-street brands lack. 

For example, have a read of some of the directions/instructions for the Lee Stafford and the Toni & Guy hair serums; which description do you think is the best? 
- Toni & Guy Shine Serum: "Rub 1-2 pumps of serum between palms and work through lengths and ends of dry hair, avoiding the roots. To create added smoothness, shine and alignment use with Toni&Guy Smoothing Lotion. To complete your look and define your style, layer products from the Toni&Guy Classic Styling Collection."
- Lee Stafford's Poker Straight Serum: "Apply to wet or dry hair. Get double the shine by using before you blow dry. Then when your hair is dry rub a little more serum into your hands and smooth through your hair. If you put too much on dry hair don't panic! Simply give your hair another quick blast with the hairdryer and watch the serum melt away, leaving your hair shimmering."

I think Lee Stafford's is the best! It's an easy mistake to apply a little more serum that's actually needed! So this info is very important!

What do you think? 


  1. The Lee Stafford descripton is the best! I'd probably get the serum and the treatment as those are the products that help the most with my hair

  2. I used some of these products after a cut and blow-dry at the hairdressers, and they were fantasic! My hair has never been straighter. Whenever I use straighteners the ends of my hair manage to curl up but the hair mist and serum really helps to make it 'poker' straight x

  3. Thankyou for reviewing this Susmi. I'm currently obsessed with Lee Stafford's Dry Shampoo. The prices for Lee Stafford seem expensive at first but then you realize that they're so worth it!

  4. Awesome. I wonder if they have that here... I've used Lee Stafford's dry shampoo before like Fiona. Haven't seen the rest of the products, but I'll take a look. My hair is so unmanageable. x.x

  5. Sophie Ekholt22:57

    Such a helpful review thank you so much for writing it. Lee Staffords tips are way better than Toni and Guy's. It actually tells you which brand is more passionate about their products if they're offering really helpful advice.


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