Impulse Sweet Smile!

Impulse sweet smile
I've always been a fan of Impulse body sprays, so I obviously leaped at the chance to purchase the newly launched body spray in Sweet Smile when it became available in stores a few days ago, and I absolutely love it! 

The scent is of Pear and Jasmine , so it's smells lovely and fruity. Ever since Impulse's body spray in Berry Crush was no longer available due to it being limited edition back in 2006, I've never actually come across a body spray or fragrance that smells the same! Everyone I knew loved Berry Crush, and it was very popular in the P.E changing rooms back in high school! 

But Sweet Smile has a very similar scent to Berry Crush which I am over the moon about! The scent is definitely a flirtatious scent, which will allow the wearer to feel a lot more confident about themselves. 

A good tip for body sprays is to try and keep them as cool as possible so that you'll feel fully refreshed in an instant when the fragrance is sprayed.

Additionally, the face of Impulse's Sweet Smile is Alesha Dixon, who looks fantastic in the fragrance photoshoot. Impulse couldn't have picked anyone more perfect to be the face of Sweet Smile as Alesha has such a gorgeous smile! And Alesha Dixon seems very friendly, flirty and girly so it's a great representation of Impulse wearers- especially Sweet Smile.
Alesha Dixon Impulse


  1. Anonymous20:17

    I definitely have to try this :-)

  2. I love Alesha Dixon. 98p is definitely a bargain!


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