anatomicals no old bags allowed eye gel, and regenerating eye cream!

I received a very surprise parcel the other week from anatomicals' PR company with an anatomicals' Eye Gel and a Regenerating Eye Cream! Since I started university, I began getting less sleep and I live two hours away from my university campus so I have to wake up extra early just to get in on time in the morning! So using a product for my eyes and gradually-forming under-eye bags, won't hurt.

anatomicals no old bags allowed eye gel:
This product is an eye-gel with cooling effects- great for that extra 'wake-up' in the morning! When your eyes feel cool, you tend to feel a lot more revitalized so the cooling agent is a good aspect. 

There are no directions for use for this product but from my experience, I would recommend you definitely use it every morning by patting a small amount of the eye gel underneath the eye and over the eyelid without rubbing it into the eyes.

The gel also contains Orange Water Flower, a delicate ingredient which is apparently good for making those eyes look good!

This product only costs a measly £3.10, so it's a great product for you to try out if you're thinking of purchasing an eye gel or if the one you're currently using isn't meeting up to your expectations.

anatomicals eye cream, you scream, we all 
scream for eye cream regenerating eye cream:

Firstly, I love the name! The one thing I adore about anatomicals is the fact that their products have the most quirky packaging- gorgeous colours, no capital letters, puns, and cute colloquial rambles.

If you tried out this product before anatomicals' eye gel, you'd probably think that this was the eye gel because it's so fine in consistency which makes it very very easy to glide across and absorb quickly into the skin. This is fantastic because you can apply your eye make-up straight away after using this as the cream feels incredibly lightweight (as if you haven't used a bit!).

Additionally, the eye cream being lightweight is perfect for using before you go to bed because you can definitely do without those sticky eyes when you're trying to sleep!

This retails at £4.70. I also suggest you purchase the eye gel and cream together to see which one you prefer or whether you'd use them both daily.

anatomicals products can be purchased from Superdrug and


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  1. I just subscribed to your beauty blog!! I've tried the anatomicals tanning products and I love them. Love the pink packaginf of the eye cream too! Just purchased from ASOS :-)


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