OPI Just Spotted The Lizard!

This shade is from OPI's recently launched Spiderman collection to celebrate The Amazing Spider-Man movie! 

The shade is pretty unique, although it reminds me of one brought out by Chanel before. Although I wouldn't usually go for this colour, I did like how the colour of it changes according to the reflections of light. Sometimes the colour looks yellow/gold, green/gold, or bronze/gold so the name 'Just Spotted The Lizard' is rather appropriate!

Some of the images were taken with flash on my camera so I'll be uploading some images without flash and from different angles soon as there's a huge difference in colour. I can also imagine this shade looking amazing with a black shatter overcoat or some black coloured nail art on it.
What do you think?


  1. Great shade,esp that it changes so much acoording reflections.xx

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  3. Awesome shade. Unfortunately, I often find golds quite streaky. That one doesn't look too bad, though.


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