Andrea Fulerton Flip Flop French Duo in Ruby!

Andrea Fulerton- who I've mentioned a lot about on here many times before- is a professional nail technician, who has products for both design, convenience, and affordability in her Nail Boutique range.

Since the brand's launch in 2010, I have purchased endless numbers of Andrea Fulerton's Flip Flop French Duos in 'Ruby'- a double stick nail lacquer with a glitter shade, and a colour shade to create a beautiful coloured, shimmery french manicure- which is always a winner for those who love the good old french manicure but want to go for a more colourful look.
Andrea Fulerton Flip Flop French in Ruby

I believe the shade 'Ruby' is named after Ruby Hammer, the co-founder of Ruby and Millie and the woman behind the Debenhams' brand 'Ruby Recommends'. I know this because I was an intern with Ruby and Millie, and they knew Andrea Fulerton and they worked on the launching of the Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique brand- which I was so excited about at the time! The pre-launched products were always on my desk and I couldn't wait for them to launch!

The other Flip Flop French shades are named after Millie Kendall, Lianna- who also worked at Ruby and Millie, and Sadie- Millie Kendall's daughter, who also went to school with my younger sister.

The Flip Flop French Duos are very very easy to use. And this is coming from a person who can't do a perfect french mani to save her life! The idea of the product is to paint your nail tips with the colour (in this case, the red nail polish) using the nail tip guides if necessary, and then painting over the whole nail with the glitter polish, which offers a lovely pink glossy shimmer to your nails. Although, I like the nail tip to stand out, so I end up painting over the glitter coat on the tips.
Andrea Fulerton Flip Flop French in RubyMy previous experience with french manicure products includes the daunting really thick brush, and the difficult-to-work-with thin as a stick brush. Andrea Fulerton has opted for neither for the Flip Flop French Duo, and instead has a decent, not so thick brush that's angled slightly on the tip. So it's pretty easy to paint the tip in one go- to create the look above, I didn't even use the nail guides included with the product- okay, they're not perfect but I'm happy with it :)

The colour's gorgeous too! What do you think? 


  1. This is such a pretty duo! I love how the colors go together! This would be perfect for Valentine's Day xoxo

  2. Pretty! My fav is the one in Liana :)


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