Summer Nails with Revlon!

I was experimenting with a few Revlon Nail Enamels yesterday and I wanted to create a summer nail look, so I went for pastels, girly, and sparkly shades to create a floral look!
I painted my thumb-nail with Revlon's TopSpeed in Cloud, a gorgeous bright pastel lilac shade, and then I painted the top half with Revlon's Fuchsia Fever, a girly pink shade which I then painted over with Revlon's glitzy Stunning Nail Enamel. 

I painted my grooming finger with Cloud and then I painted the Stunning coat over it; my middle finger was painted with Fuchsia Fever- and then I painted a flower on it with a small brush using Cloud and Sunshine Sparkle, a light shimmery pastel yellow- perfect for a floral manicure.

My ring finger was painted again with Cloud, and then I used Fuchsia Fever, Impulse- an elegant purple shade, and Sunshine Sparkle to paint the flowers, and then I cheekily added a gemstone to add a little glam to the manicure! And I just painted my little finger with Fuchsia Fever with a top-coat of Stunning!
Shade names from left to right: Revlon TopSpeed in Cloud, Revlon Stunning, Fuchsia Fever, Impulse, and Sunshine Sparkle.

What do you think? 


  1. Wow that is truly amazing! So glamorous and girly :)

  2. I love this!! I'll definately be trying it out!

  3. Amazing nail art xx

  4. Love the ring finger! I love how its so summery and glittery! <3

  5. Such a cute manicure :)



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