ghd Red Gloss IV Styler!

ghd has recently launched their Gloss Styler range, limited edition stylers that are glossier than ever before!

My hair is long so it usually takes me ages (meaning half an hour) to straighten it with an ordinary straightener but with ghd's, it takes less than 10 minutes!
The stylers are available in a glossy red, and a glossy black colour and they retail at £99 each. The question I'm most asked regarding ghd's- whether they be from Bags of Beauty readers, to friends and family- is whether ghd's are actually worth the hefty price tag.

I'd say they definitely are because ghd products always have the consumer in mind; it's so annoying when you have to style your hair without being bound to the nearest electrical socket, so it's great that ghd stylers have a long swivel cord meaning that you can style your hair freely without that stiff feeling where the straighteners refuse to twist and turn when plugged in.

Plus- it's very easy for a girl to leave her straighteners on when rushing out of the house, so it's a great thing that the ghd styler automatically turns off when idle for 30 minutes, so if you've rushed out of the house and you're worried that you may have left your straightener's on (I'm pretty sure every female has experienced this!), then you needn't have a mini panic attack by using a ghd styler.

Also, when you purchase a ghd styler you are entitled to a two-year free manufacturer's guarantee, so if your styler stops working, you're in safe hands!
However, it's a little annoying that ghd regularly launches limited edition stylers that are always beautifully designed, because it'll cost a fortune to buy every single one of them! :(

The ghd Red Gloss IV Styler comes on its own- i.e. without a mini clutch-type pouch for the styler, which would've made a brilliant addition to the product as I can imagine the styler becoming scratched due to its high-gloss finish. This doesn't affect my highly positive opinion of the styler though, and I'd recommend it to anyone- especcially if you're a fan of all things neat and shiny!

What do you think of the ghd Red Gloss IV Styler? Are you tempted to get one for yourselves?


  1. Omg I want it!! I still have my 2 1/2 year old GHDs so this is probably gonna be my upgrade! I think £99 for GHDs are really worth it!

  2. I've now got my eyes on this! I recently got the Peacock Blue set but now I'm lusting over these. What I love most about ghds is that they heat up soo quickly :) I still remember my first CarmenGirls straighteners which took ages to heat up and straighten my hair!!

  3. The colour of the styler looks amazing! Hopefully this will be my first ever ghd purchase. Great photos too :)

  4. Wow, these look really lovely! Really makes a difference to the gold ones


  5. I'm ordering one of these right now. My pair of ghd's gave up on me last month so these are a perfect replacement. I love red so it's perfect :)

  6. Wow they look gorge! Great photos too :-D

  7. Love the colour! Defo gonna order this online x :)

  8. Anonymous02:39

    Hiya susmi!! I've started a beauty blog - specifically for medium to dark people's make up, so please check it out and give me some feed back!! Love the post by the way, love the colour!! xx


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