Pastel Nails: OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection!

Okay this collection may have been launched over a year ago, but some of the colours are so wearable for this summer!

The collection was launched for Spring/Summer 2011 and was inspired by the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film. Pastel Colours are also great for a multi-cultured manicure; pastel shades usually resemble sweets and so the more colourful your nails look, the better- I like to call this type of manicure the 'Pix N Mix' manicure. 
The shades from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection aren't bright pastels- I wasn't expecting them to be bright as, if anything, a colour collection inspired by a pirates movie would probably mainly consist of more dull colours.

Instead, OPI made the pastel colours in this collection slightly grey-based, which I took a surprising liking to. I love bright colours but these shades stood out to me because they looked somewhat a lot more natural  than the brighter pastel shades.

Most OPI Nail Lacquers I have tried don't actually need a second coat as their coverage and pigments are great. However because these are pastel colours, only applying one coat will have a sheer effect on the nail (which some of you may prefer). But if you want a better coverage, then two coats is best. OPI brushes are decent in size and length so this won't take long at all as you can apply a coat in one stroke in a few seconds. OPI lacquers dry very quickly too.
Nail Lacquers from left to right: 'Sparrow Me The Drama', 'Mermaid's Tears', and 'Planks A Lot'.
What do you think? Are you all thumbs-up for pastels?!


  1. Oh this looks so lovely!Great colours!

  2. I love the mani! You painted your nails very well and I absolutely love the photos! All 3 colors go really well together x

  3. I adore these colours :)


  4. Love this! I have the same OPI shades at home but I've only ever worn them individually so now I'm really thinking of doing a multi coloured manicure with them :D


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