NEW BM Beauty Lip gloss in 'Gypsy Spirit'!

I attended BM Beauty's press day yesterday where I met the lovely Kimberly Wyatt and Laura McComiskie, (founders of BM Beauty), where they announced the launch of  a new shade of their Mineral Lip gloss next week in a shade called 'Gypsy Spirit'.
BM Beauty is a cruelty-free make up line ranging from mineral eyeshadows, lip glosses, foundations, blushers, bronzers, mascaras, and make-up brushes.

BM Beauty currently has five lip-glosses in the line, with lovely wearable colours- some glossy, some sheer, and some shimmery so you're bound to find a shade to suit your personal taste.

The new 'Gypsy Spirit' lip gloss by BM Beauty is a burnt/carrot orange shade that comes out gorgeously sheer and glossy on the lips when applied lightly, but the colour is easily buildable if you desire a burst of colour on your lips. You can get a built-up colour on your lips in just two coats. Kimberly Wyatt told me that the colour was chosen as a suitable colour for the summer, and in particular- music festivals. It looks a lot different when swatched- almost like an orange coral shade. I love corals so this lip gloss is definitely for me!

I have zoomed into the colour of the lip gloss to give you an accurate idea of the shade (with flash) and I have taken a photo of a swatch too (both in the image below)

The best thing about BM Beauty lip glosses is that they don't have a sticky, tacky feel to them when worn. I actually don't enjoy wearing lip glosses as opposed to tinted lip balms, but BM Beauty lip glosses make my lips super smooth so this product is basically a lip balm in itself! The lip glosses really moisturise the lips, and the texture of the lip gloss is so smooth and perfect in consistency, allowing the it to glide and spread across the lips which is good for creating both sheer and full coverages.

Also, the lip gloss is a perfect combination with BM Beauty's Peachy Glow Blusher used to contour the cheeks, creating a warm summer look.

The new lip gloss shade is being launched on the BM Beauty website next week! BM Beauty Lip Glosses retail at £12.00 each.

Do you like the new BM Beauty 'Gypsy Spirit' Lip Gloss shade? Are you a fan of BM Beauty?


  1. I really like the shade but I prefer lipsticks.xx

  2. Oh wow I love the photos! The photo of the lip-gloss on the applicator brush really makes the lip-gloss look appealing and really shiny. This is perhaps the only lip product that I have seen from a photo that makes me really really wanna try it!!

  3. Omg you actually met kimberly?! This lipgloss looks very glossy. Did you build up the coverage in the pic of your lips? i have bm beauty's lipgloss in Indian Summer and i love it x :D

  4. I've never seen this range before, but it looks great. Love that its cruelty free, thats always a plus :D


  5. This looks amazing, I am not usually a huge fan of lipgloss but after testing out BM eye shadows, I really am tempted to try out the lipgloss. If they are as great quality as the eye shadow then I may be on to a winner!

    Feel free to check out my BM review on my nlog

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    Sarah xoxo


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