Barry M Pastel Nail Shades!

Pastel shades are all the rage in Summer seasons, especially when the sun's out. I gathered some pastel nail polishes for a bright, sweetie multi-coloured manicure.

The majority of the nail colours used below are mainly Barry M Nail Polishes, but I couldn't find a yellow pastel shade, so I opted for a Revlon Nail Enamel. I do like Barry M Nail Polishes, but I feel that they sometimes have their 'mood swings'- i.e. sometimes they streak, sometimes they don't streak. However, the nail polishes are excellent when they don't streak.

The shades I used below from left to right, are: Revlon Sunshine Sparkle, Barry M Berry, Peach Melba, Strawberry Ice Cream, and Blue Moon. Barry M Nail Polishes are only £2.99 so it was such a bargain! That means you can buy 5 different shades of Barry M (one for each nail!) for just under £15!

What do you think? Are you a fan of Barry M Nail Polishes? £2.99 is a pretty good price!



  1. amazing colors :)
    they are amazing!
    I love all pastel colors!

  2. Nice!
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