PixiGlow Fairy Dust!

Around a month ago, I was invited to the PixiGlow Disney inspired Tinkerbell Collection, but I became so ill on the day that I couldn't go! Luckily, the lovely PR lady sent me a couple of products from the collection to try anyway!

Even though I love Tinkerbell, at first I thought that the collection would be slightly childish and 'not-really make-up', but I was so wrong! 

I've fallen in love with the PixiGlow Fairy Dust! I'm a right sucker for highlighters because they add a lovely shimmer to your face, and I always apply it onto my cheek-bones, brow-bones, and on my philtrum, whenever I wear it. And I also like to wear a bit of highlighter when I don't have time to apply any other make-up. I usually use Benefit's High Beam- but sometimes I find that that's a little too bright at times. 

This highlight by Pixi is a very golden in tone, offering a champagne shimmer when applied- it looks gorgeous on your cheek-bones! Here's a swatch of the highlighter not blended in: 

I also love the name of the shade: 'Moonlight Luster'!- it makes the product seem even more magical and fairy-tale like! The shade adds warmth and glamour to your look, and the highlighter reflects amazingly in natural light.

There is also a handy little tip at the back of the product's packaging saying that the product can be used on the eyelids, as well as on the lips. This really is a multifunctional product, and I've never tried Pixi before, but the delights of this product has really encouraged me to take my first step into a Pixi Boutique and go on a haul!

Have you tried Pixi before? What products would you recommend? Have you tried the Fairy Dust? What do you think of it?


  1. Packaging seems really cool! :-)

  2. The pigment looks great on the swatch. I can imagine it looking lovely when blended into the skin. Do you know how much this costs and where I can buy it from? i've never heard of pixi X

  3. I actualy really want to give this a go. I've always been skeptical about powder high-lighters for some reason x :)


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