Orly Nail Polish in Orange Sorbet

I was in Boots the other day looking for a unique summer shade nail polish as it's 'technically' approaching (by that, I'm making a negative reference to British weather!). I came across Orly and saw loads of lovely summer colours, but one colour really caught my eye as the colour matched a pair of orange coral wedges I recently bought. I always like to match the colour of my nails to the colour of my shoes!

Orly in Orange Sorbet is a lovely neon orange colour with yellow gold shimmering tones. It's such a gorgeous shade and reminds me of candy rock stick from Southend when I was a young girl.

The golden shimmering tones in the nail polish make the orange shade a lot more mature, and it makes your nails shine beautifully in the reflection of light. Also, the more light that's shining on your nails, the more neon and bright the orange colour looks.

I painted a thin coat on my nails, which I actually liked as the polish gave off a sheer look, and then I painted a second coat which instantly made the colour burst into a bright, pigmented orange colour!

I bought this shade in the mini nail polish, retailing at £5.00 from Boots. I prefer the larger bottles of Orly- partly because I'm a fan of their sparkly silver lids! But they didn't have any in Orange Sorbet :(
What do you think of this colour? Are you a fan of Orly?


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