Mavala Nail Polish in Deep Blue

I know, I know... I promised you guys more posts on pastel nail colours, but I couldn't not blog about this beautiful nail shade by Mavala!

Mavala is a Swiss cosmetics and skincare brand that is recognised worldwide, and according to their website- is the world leader in nail care.

The shade I am wearing in the image below is called 'Deep Blue', and it's a lovely dark blue colour that's jam-packed with blue and silver shimmering tones. Also, when I wear this colour it sometimes looks like it's a dark Indigo purple colour- especially when the light doesn't reflect directly on my nails. The slightly Indigo tone to the nail colour when wearing it, is a very very nice touch.

Another good thing about the nail polish was that it was very easy to apply with no streaks whatsoever- the consistency of the nail polish was very smooth and was creamy in texture, so the feeling of your nails after the polish had dried was lovely and smooth.

In the image below, I had only applied one coat as I thought that the pigmentation of the nail colour was perfect. Nail polishes from the Mavala brand is designed to let your nails breathe. I thought this was a bit interesting but I guess I'll have to wait until I remove the polish or wait until it starts to chip to see whether there's a damaging effect left on my nails (which there always is!) I will keep you guys up to date!

What do you think?



  1. I always come across mavala when i'm on the hunt for a new nail varnish but i've never ever tried them. The colour looks gorgeous on you though X

  2. Jennifer Halden10:38

    Cute bunny!! Haven't heard of mavala before. Where can the brand's products be bought? :)

    1. The best place I can think of on the top of my head is Boots! :)

  3. Felicity Denikin19:07

    hello. where can i buy malava in russia? this is a lovelly blue colour you are wering :-)

    1. I'll try and find out for you xx

  4. This colour looks lovely on your nails. x


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