'Honk If You Love O.P.I'!

If I actually manage to pass my driving test this year, I will definitely remember to honk if I love O.P.I- which I do! How COOL is the name of this shade?! O.P.I always come up with the best shades and the best names, but I guess that's what makes the brand a lot more special besides its amazing quality.

This shade is a gorgeous ripe aubergine purple shade, that offers an incredibly glossy finish on your nails. The colour reminds me of red grapes (even though they're actually purple!), and this shade is from O.P.I's Touring America collection, which came out last Summer.

When I was at my work experience placement last year, my boss wore a similar colour and she always told me how she wore it to make herself seem more authoritative. Bit weird, but hey!

This nail lacquer is so shiny that I didn't even need to apply a top-coat to gloss it up! O.P.I Nail Lacquers also have a good brush that covers the whole nail when you're applying the lacquer- it even manages to paint the edges too in just one coat!

Have you tried this shade? Is it your favourite from the Touring America Collection?


  1. This is a gorgeous shade :)


  2. I am wearing this color right NOW! Freaky huh? Love this tho xx

  3. This is similar to the new Vamsterdam shade by O.PI which I bought 3 bottlesf of. This shade looks great though!!


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