Easter Inspired Nail Art!

I was experimenting with a few nail polishes the other day and it struck me that Easter is fast-approaching, so I did some Easter inspired nail-art. I painted a little easter chick on a sunny day!
Here's what I did:

1. I applied a base-coat using Andrea Fulerton's Triple Action Undercoat.

2. I then painted a layer of GOSH'S Nail Lacquer in Lavender Love, and waited for it to dry. (The actual colour is a lot lighter in the image above though!)

3. Then I carefully painted a 'hill' using GOSH's Nail Lacquer in Early Green.

4. When the 'hill' was dry, I dipped the tip of a pencil in GOSH's Nail Lacquer in Bright Idea and painted dots on the 'hill' to resemble daisies, and I waited for them to dry.

5. I used Andrea Fulerton's Nail Colour in Daisy to paint the chick; I painted a small blob and when it dried, I used Andrea Fulerton's Nail Art Pen in Pink to draw the chick's eyes, feet, and smile.

6. Finally, I sealed my creation with Andrea Fulerton's Gloss Up Overcoat!

Here are the products I used: (Except for the Andrea Fulerton Nail Art Pen in Pink)
What do you think?


  1. This is absolutely cute!

  2. Anonymous00:23

    Aww, that's cute :) I can't believe it's almost Easter already!

  3. Wow that looks beautiful :D

  4. :O That is super cute! X

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