Bags of Beauty Blog: Revlon Perle Eyeshadow in Sunlit Sparkle

Susmi Patel

This is an easy to blend eyeshadow with a light pigmentation if you're going for a natural look. The colour of the eyeshadow is absolutely beautiful; it's a shimmery light golden colour but the colour slightly reflects on a pearly white shade, making it look like a white golden shade (which I love!)

This eyeshadow actually reminds me of bridal make-up as women tend to go for a typical 'White Pearl' look when they get married as it's a simple look that tends to go well with the traditional fancy white wedding dress. I'd definitely recommend this eyeshadow, or an eyeshadow of a similar shade if you were to ever tie the knot!

The eyeshadow may not last too long on your eyelids; it lasted me just over 6 hours but I don't really expect much more of a lasting time than that. Some women expect over 12 hours which I think is a little OTT :|

I like to line the top of my eyes with a black liquid eyeliner (a line that's not too thin or thick), and apply this eyeshadow with my finger for a smooth, matte application that will glisten in the light. This eyeshadow is quite fine so it's easy to overbuild the application on your eyelids, and the eyeshadow tends to crumble in it's packaging- but this is just a presentation moan so there's nothing actually wrong with the product. Eyeshadows of a fine, smooth texture works well for me as I don't like to overdo make-up looks, and my eyes can get irritated with eyeshadows that aren't so fine!

Have you tried this product? What do you think of it?



  1. That shade looks lovely!! I brought the black/grey coloured one but it didn't have a mirror which disappointed me..... I like it though x

  2. Thanks so much for reviewing this! I'm a bridesmaid for my best friends wedding this year and we're wearing white so this is perfect! I should really check it out :-)

  3. Haha Reminds me of the snow today! Nice review hun X

  4. Funny how the press picture show the eyeshadow as glittery as it really is. That's why I tend not to buy certain cosmetics online. This product looks greast tho!

    Carol x

  5. To be fair I've never tried revlon eye shadows. There lipsticks, mascaras and nail polishes appeal to me a lot more so i really should try these :D


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