Bags of Beauty Blog: The Big Skincare Mystery Reveal- It really is a shocker!

The Big Skincare Mystery Reveal
You've probably already heard of the Big Skincare Mystery that has gone viral in the beauty world! If you haven't heard of it; it's a great marketing campaign of a skincare brand that remains a mystery until March 1st. Basically, you can log onto their Facebook page and request a free sample of the face-wash (which is lovely!), but you don't know the skincare brand behind it until it's revealed to the public!

Yesterday, I was invited to the Big Skincare Mystery Reveal at 24 London on Kingly Street, where beauty bloggers and journalists got to find out the brand behind the Big Skincare Mystery! We sipped on cocktails and mini-treats and then there was a presentation and video revealing the brand! It was a very shocking reveal; It was the brand I never would have thought of! And there is a lovely new skincare range which the face-wash is a part of.

I can't tell you the brand until March 1st, I'm afraid. But I will reveal all on March 1st on my blog, and I have some amazing pictures of the range to show you!

I will be doing a fab giveaway of the WHOLE new range on March 1st when it is revealed so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. This makes me corious ;)

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  3. Oh how interesting! I'll have to check this out! Come link up to my Beauty blog hop for a chance to win a Kenra spray and OPI polish :)

  4. I have a feeling the brand is Clean & Clear! Will definately check out your blog on the date of the brand reveal!!


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