Katy Perry to launch eyelash range with Eylure!

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Katy teamed up with O.P.I last year to launch her very own nail lacquer range, and now she's treated her female fans to more things 'Katy Perry' with her exciting new eyelash range with Eylure.

Eylure have launched pretty good products in the past- they're eyelash range with Girls Aloud was a success, and there's no doubt that this will also be very popular.

Katy is launching 4 sets of different eyelashes in the range, which can be seen in the image on the left. So soon, you'll be able to look as beautiful as Katy! Katy Perry's new eyelash range will be launched in February!

Also! Katy Perry's new fragrance 'Meow!' will hit stores in March so this is defo the year for you if you're a fan of the woman herself- we are!

More info to come soon ladies!
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  1. Yipeeeeee! Love Katy! And Eylure too xx

  2. Katy looks adorable :-) I dont really wear eyelashes but i'll most likely be buying them for my little sis who loves Katy Perry! x


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